Groby Servicmens Club Car Boot Sale

Planned* to be held Tuesday 20th November, 2018.

*planned, based on the information we have, but not necessarily confirmed or taking place. See the note below.

As far as we are aware the above date is the planned or regular date that the Car Boot will take place. However, there are a number of reasons why Car Boots don't go ahead exactly as planned, so simply call the number given to check if the car boot sale is taking place or not. We don't recommend setting off without talking to the organiser or visiting their official website for the latest information.     


A little bit more about the Car Boot Sale :

The Groby Servicmens Club Indoor Boot Sale usually takes place first and third Tuesday of the month. From March through to November. Sellers should arrive at 5.30pm, and buying begins from 6.30pm. The boot sale organisers can be reached on 01162 250 741. Please contact them to check the boot sale is going ahead.

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Groby Servicmens Club Car Boot Sale Contact Details

  • Contact Person: Sandy Steadman
  • Organisation: [n/a]
  • Address: Groby Ex Servicmens Club, Leicester Road, Groby, Leicester, Leicestershire.
  • Postcode: LE6 0DJ
  • Phone: 01162 250 741

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Groby Servicmens Club Car Boot Sale

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