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We receive the cars and recycle them, selling "green" parts and selling the repairable cars to the general public and trade garages. We are also an exporter of parts worldwide. Our mission is to recycle vehicles in an environmentally friendly way. We currently recycle 85% of the vehicles materials and will be recycling 95% in the very near future. Autospares and salvage is a company that promotes the re-use of recycled "green parts", to the trade and public and remanufacturing sectors.

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Auto Spares & Salvage Ltd

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September's Historic Midlands

September 4, 1920, the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra founded by Neville Chamberlain first rehearsed in the band room of the Birmingham City Polices Steelhouse Lane station. Their first public performance happened later that month..Archive WWW.MIDLANDSAUTOJUMBLE.CO.UK